Important Dates - Fall '19


  • First Friday - Sept. 6

a celebration with Clemson to prepare for the first football game of the season

  • Recruitment - Sept. 10 - 12  @ 5:30-6:30pm  Daniel 100B

3-day event to recruit new Gamma Sig sisters

  • Semi-Formal - Oct. 18    @ 9-12pm  Amici's

Fall Semi-Formal

  • Fall Fundraiser Oct. 29 

a service event created by the Fall Fundraiser chair to raise money for a specific charity

  • Big/Little RevealNov. 7

after future littles receive gifts from their big-to-be, an enjoyable celebration of big sisters adding little sisters to their "families"

  • ActivationNov. 10  @ 5 pm

Members-In-Training (MIT's) officially become sisters

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